Fight till the final Victory! - Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Thursday, 6 June 2019 - 10:19

Fight till the final Victory! - Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

“In filthy games most villainous the winner” ARISTOPHANES 

In the end, the filthy polemics of the political establishment had an effect, but not exactly what this system wished.

From the one side, SYRIZA government fought in every way GOLDEN DAWN, with exclusions, persecutions and bans. With assaults to our offices where there were no arrests. Every time we announced a new event, there was always a counter-protest, while police and state remained indifferent. 

 On the other side, New Democracy propagandized that we had collaborations with SYRIZA. Also, though the mass media ND urged people to vote for ND and no other parties, in order to get rid of SYRIZA. Those who believed in and voted for ND will realize their wrong decision in short time. 

“The utter exclusion of our political party”

We gave a wonderful fight in and out the Greek Parliament for our Macedonia, where we made it clear that ND will respect and keep this treacherous Prespa agreement. However, the people of North Greece did not valued our words, so they overwhelmingly voted for New Democracy, even though in this party there are people like Kairidis. 

Against GOLDEN DAWN there were also those self-proclaimed “nationalists” who calumniated and fought GOLDEN DAWN. In fact, they fought for nothing since they gave the chance to the communist party (KKE) to be proud of surpassing GOLDEN DAWN. They did nothing and they proved that they work for this system, nothing else. 

We were excluded not only from the major television stations but also the minor ones. Also we were banished even in social platform, like Facebook.

“We lost a fight, not the war” 

At the 26th of May, Sunday, I made the following statement: “I want to dearly thank the hundred thousands of Greek men and women who ignored an entire system and supported Golden Dawn. I want to congratulate the corrupted media and also the parties of the “constitutional platform” for their war against us, yet I also want to inform them that whatever cannot destroy us make us stronger! We lost a fight but not the war, we will return even stronger!”

Indeed, the political system fought us and won, but not entirely. They could not vanish us. We are convicted to survive and win and they will never be able to suppress a political party that withstood seven years filled with persecutions, murders and exclusions.

I cannot forget the statements of some people during the elections that ought to have remained silent but they did not. I am sure that now they are happy along with KKE, which surpassed us for some votes, having a lot of money and many mercenaries.

Golden Dawn 13, 3% to the young of age 17-21 years

The European Elections are over and the National Elections come closer. So, we have to fight even more and gain back those people who could not stand by our side in this difficult battle. To gain back those who vote other minor political parties or Kyriakos Mitsotakis to get rid of Tsipras, even though he will implement the same antinational policies like SYRIZA.

The state of SYRIZA holds great responsibilities for the division among people, who saw numerous assaults by gangs of the Left. They pushed them to Mitsotakis and they served perfectly the political system. Also, do not forget the fact that hundreds of Greek never voted, while there were people among them that wanted to fight the system through their denial. We should make this people understand that we are the only political party that fights the system. 

I left the following fact regarding the recent elections for the end: “Almost half million of those who voted for the first time voted New Democracy. However, 13, 3% of the young voters voted for Golden Dawn. More specifically: ND 30, 5%, SYRIZA 25, 6%, KINAL 3,1 %, Golden Dawn 13, 3%, KKE 3, 7% and other parties 23, 7%. 

Despite their never-ending polemics, we are the future Greece and wherever there is the fire of youth, there will always be the fight for our Fatherland and Ideals! 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn