N. G. Michaloliakos: 2012-2019 the seven years of Golden Dawn! VIDEO

Monday, 20 May 2019 - 16:18

The Secretary General of People’s League-Golden Dawn during his speech in the debate regarding the vote of confidence denounced the SYRIZA government, since it is a minority government that does not represent the majority of Greek People. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos noted that the reason Golden Dawn is silenced by the media is its great popularity among Greeks. From 2012 till today 7 years have passed and Greeks continue to support Golden Dawn, the only anti-systemic and truthfully popular political party. 

Afterwards, he referred to the incidents in the center of Athens, where anarchists vandalized stores to honor the murderer Koufontinas, where he noted that the same violent incidents used to happen during the governance of New Democracy as well. 

Addressing Kyriakos Mitsotakis, he asked him if he truly thinks he can deceive Greek People by presenting as candidates for the European elections people like Eleftheriadis and Karidis. 
As for the concerns of ND for the trial of Golden Dawn, he asked them “Do you maybe worry about our upcoming acquittal and the revelation of our conspiracy?”

In addition he urged ND to stay away from the Right, since they honor the fights of the Left, noting that now Golden Dawn, the national party of Greeks, represents the Right.

Finally, he stressed that those Greeks who aspire the abolishment of the treasonous Prespa agreement should not vote New Democracy, but Golden Dawn, a political party committed to throw this agreement in the garbage bin.