NEVER FORGET! The Greek Nationalists honored the 353.000 victims of Pontic Hellenism!  Video, Photography

Tuesday, 21 May 2019 - 23:19

Hundreds of Greek Nationalists assembled once again in West Attica in order to honor the 353.000 Greek Souls who fell victims of the turkish massacre.

Comrade and candidate in the European elections Nikolaos Lemontzis made the first speech where he presented the chronicles of the Genocide of Pontic Hellenism from the barbarian young turks and the slightly forgotten Genocide of Pontic Greeks by the bolshevists of Stalin.

Afterwards, the deputy and candidate for the region of Attica Ilias Panagiotaros made the next speech regarding the continuation of the persecution of Greeks at Pontus, Minor Asia and Constantinople. These persecutions started 100 years ago and still continue for the final deracination of Greeks in these regions. He also referred to the hypocrisy of the rest of the political parties, which want the votes of the Pontic Greeks yet they accept in their parties people that deny the Genocide, like Kairidis in ND and Filis in SYRIZA.

Then, the deputy and candidate for the municipality of Athens Ilias Kasidiaris referred to the political establishment that attempts to erase Greek History, to erase the blood of our ancestors. In fact, our Comrade mentioned that ND, SYRIZA and KKE deny the Genocide of Pontic Hellenism. He also referred to the legislation that Golden Dawn has brought to the Greek Parliament regarding the racism against Greeks, the only racism that exists in this Country.

The deputy and candidate for the European Elections Giannis Lagos mentioned the waiver of immunity against Filis who accused our National Martyr Konstantinos Katsifas and the fact that members of New Democracy defended him. He also mentioned the support of deputies of SYRIZA towards the members of New Democracy during the procedures regarding the treasonous Prespa agreement. Comrade Lagos encouraged the Greeks to vote for the Nationalists, since the procedures that takes part in the Parliament harm Hellenism.

The candidate for the European Elections military doctor and General of Greek Army Athanasios Konstantinou made the next speech where he noted the antinationalist candidates in the ballot papers of SYRIZA and ND and the danger of their presence in the European Parliament. Then, our Comrade analyzed the ways used by leftists and liberals in order to erase the Genocide of Pontic Greeks from our memory and also the means used by turks in order to erase Hellenism from Pontus, Minor Asia and Constantinople.

The Leader of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, made the last speech where he noted that even though we are through the electoral campaign the assemblage of Greek Nationalists for the Genocide of Pontic Greeks has nothing to do with the elections, since Golden Dawn always supports Pontic Greeks, not only in the times of…elections. Proof of that is the fact that the greatest assemblage of Golden Dawn for the Genocide of Pontic Hellenism took place at 2013.

Then the Leader of Golden Dawn referred to the conspiracy of silence which reveals the terror of the regime towards the growth of Golden Dawn, a conspiracy that reached its peak in the illegal strike of ERT in order to avoid the broadcast of the interview of Golden Dawn. He also mentioned the constant changes of PASOK, a party that made an entire spot against Golden Dawn, revealing that Golden Dawn is the main threat of this political establishment.

The Leader of Golden Dawn noted the political division during the electoral campaigns and stressed that the vote to Golden Dawn is the only way to stop the policies of the antinational LEFT, since Mitsotakis and New Democracy guarantee the return of Tsipras to the political sphere. Concerning the meaning of this assemblage, the Leader of Golden Dawn mentioned that despite the fall of Constantinople at 1453, the Empire of Trabzon few more years and then began the constant deracination of Hellenism in these regions. Even worse, in Thessaloniki there is a monument of the slaughterer of Hellenism, this is the level of this Country’s decay. Only Golden Dawn can put an end in this decay.

The ceremony for the Genocide of Pontic Hellenism is tragically pertinent since inside our territory, in Thrace, there are people who are victims of the turkish propaganda who celebrate at the 19th of May. Then, Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos referred to the history of Pontic rebels who were betrayed by the Greek professional politicians while he also paid homage to the Pontic Greeks who fought for our Macedonia and now participate in all the National Fights. The Leader of Golden dawn also mentioned the “patriots” of ND, like Kairidis who has talked about “the myth of the Genocide of Pontic Greeks” and has stated that “we are children of the Ottomans”.

However, as long as there are Greek Nationalists, the Comrades of Golden Dawn, the thousands souls of Greeks who were slaughtered by turks will always see torches in their Honor and their Memory will live forever, contrary to the wishes of communists who “were not sad for the defeat in Minor Asia, but they also wanted it” and the wishes of the liberals of ND who respect the battles of the Left. 

Then, there was a moment of silence in memory of 353.000 souls, lost through the marches of death, the deracination and the executions from the subordinates of Kemal, who had weapons and supplies from Lenin’s bolshevists.

The ceremony ended with everyone chanting our National Anthem.

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