Resisting the War against Golden Dawn - National Resistance on all fronts! Article by N.G. Michaloliakos

Thursday, 13 June 2019 - 14:29

Resisting the War against Golden Dawn - National Resistance on all fronts! Article by N.G. Michaloliakos

On the evening of May 26, 2019, in all television channels, everyone was celebrating the fall of GOLDEN DAWN, distorting reality, altering numbers and rates according to their interest, in order to pass their propaganda that GOLDEN DAWN was finished!

The leader of the chorus of aphorisms against our Movement, which has disappeared according to him, was the architect of the political conspiracy and persecution against us, Dendias, who enjoys the publicity of the “Syntakton” newspaper, the pamphlet of the ethic nihilists of the magazine "Ios" of the late "Eleftherotypia". The same tone was followed for many days by many newspapers, radio stations and TV shows, of course without presenting our opinion. Besides, what kind of “democracy” would that be if they presented our point of view?

This way they tried to create an overwhelming climate against GOLDEN DAWN, in order to sow dementia and despair. Apart from everything else, they also claimed that there was some kind of internal party crisis in GOLDEN DAWN, and referred to the most bizarre types that have passed from our Movement and who were not capable of remaining in our lines.

Addressing all this through the Internet, I sent the following message: “The Psychological War of the System (TV, INTERNET, Pamphlets) against Golden Dawn continues. Through their lies they try to show that our Movement is in crisis. WE ARE UNITED AND STRONGER THAN EVER!”

During this generalized attack against GOLDEN DAWN by the System (parties, media, oligarchs) a poll was carried out, which was presented on Sunday, June 2, 2019, by SKY TV, and the elements of which are as follows: “Pulse's research for SKY TV was conducted between May 30 and June 1 on a sample of 1358 adults using a structured online questionnaire. More specifically, in the intention to vote with a reduction on the valid, the estimate is: N.D.: 31.5% - 36.5%, SYRIZA: 22.5% - 27.5%, KINAL: 6.5% - 9.5, KKE: 4.5% - 6.5%, GOLDEN DAWN: 4% - 6%, HELLENIC SOLUTION: 3% - 5%. The poll by Pulse RC for SKY outlines scenarios for the seats that the parties will receive in the national elections. More specifically, the first scenario foresees a seven-party Parliament with N.D. being the first party with 151 seats. It is followed by SYRIZA with 74 seats, the Movement of Change with 23 seats, the Communist Party with 16 seats, Golden Dawn with 15 seats, Greek Solution with 12 seats, and Day25 with 9 seats.

It is obvious that the dictatorship of the corrupted seeks to harm our Movement in every possible way, and it is up to us all whether or not they will succeed.

Regarding some very interesting qualitative elements of the elections, I quote the following extract from a publication of some “anti-fascist” media: “Some say that the 13% rate of Golden Dawn comes exclusively from the 17-year-olds and that it gets no votes from the 20 or 23-year-olds that are also included in the age range 17-24 which, according to the exit polls, gave their preference to the neo-Nazis. This is in part correct, but we must take into account the fact that in 2015 the 18-24 age group gave 11% to Golden Dawn, and this year, even though its percentage dropped a lot in the elections, in this age group with the addition of the 17-year-olds, not only did it not fall, but it has risen. And that says a lot”.

Indeed this says a lot. It shows that within the next four weeks, all men and women of Golden Dawn must do their best to keep the People's National Movement strong.

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s League – Golden Dawn