The political establishment is the tragedy of this Country! Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 20 May 2019 - 18:24

The political establishment is the tragedy of this Country! Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

From the speech in the Greek Parliament at Wednesday the 8th of May 2019

“…So, Mrs. Gennimata had the audacity to mention the political parties that tormented Greek People, despite the fact that she represents the political party that governed the most during the last decades, PASOK. Since, the main talk in this debate is about yachts, we have to remember the yachts of Andreas Papandreou as well –this goes to Mrs. Gennimata- like the yacht of Socrates Kokkalis at 1989, (whose son now is a candidate with SYRIZA) or the yacht of Potamianos at 1995. SYRIZA turns into a new PASOK in every single aspect.

Of course, the older among us remember he story about the mansion of Andreas Papandreou, where the late Vangelis Giannopoulos stated that “we will not destroy a political party for a house”. Equally, nowadays the members of SYRIZA declare that “we will not destroy a political party for a yacht”. SYRIZA is the genuine continuation of PASOK.”

The “innocent” PASOK

“It feels sad to experience this kind of political life. However, it is at least audacious and cynical for Mrs. Gennimata to “feel sad” about the political sphere, since she is the president of PASOK, the most corrupted political party of this Country, whose debts reach the 200 million euros. In fact she denounced both SYRIZA and New Democracy of attempting to hide their similarities. Indeed! These parties are identical. However, these parties follow the path of a third party. And this party is none other than PASOK, even though Mrs. Gennimata came here to declare that PASOK is the utmost innocent party in every aspect! 

Seriously, which was the former government? Only New Democracy? Wasn’t it a coalition between New Democracy and PASOK, Samaras and Venizelos? How come PASOK has no responsibilities about the current situation?

I guess SYRIZA is audacious enough to include in his parliamentary group deputies who have no connection with SYRIZA. At first, I will refer to a new Deputy, Mr. Theoharopoulos. There was in the past a party called DIMAR which was under destruction. Well, Mr. Theoharopoulos took the designation and became a deputy of PASOK. Then, he disagreed with the policy of PASOK, so with this designation he became a Minister. You must be proud of him! It is another sign of your “popularity” among the people!”

A government “filled with patches”

“Along with Theoharopoulos, we count Mr. Danelis from Potami, Mrs. Megalooikonomou from Union of Centrists –she loves Alexis-Mr. Quick –he bowed to the Greek Flag and now he is with SYRIZA- and Mrs. Kountoura from ANEL and then Mrs. Papakosta from New Democracy. That makes them six. A vote of confidence to a government filled with patches.  

Then, we also have New Democracy and its own patches, Mr. Fotilas, Mrs. Markou, Mr. Theoharis and Mr. Psarianos-all of them from Potami! In fact, Mr. Psarianos declares he will remain an independent candidate for three-four months and then he will join New Democracy. These are the morals of democracy.

 They have also taken Mr. Lazarides from ANEL and Mr. Katsiantonis from Union of Centrists. What can they do? They have to make ends meet!”

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s League-Golden Dawn