They are rejoicing in vain… Golden Dawn is not over! Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

Friday, 21 June 2019 - 16:08

They are rejoicing in vain… Golden Dawn is not over! Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

 A reply to Mr. Karakousis and the newspaper “To Vima” 

Immediately after the elections of May 26, 2019, the entire system began a psychological warfare against Golden Dawn. They try to instigate defeatism by presenting a fake picture of GOLDEN DAWN having presumably disappeared!

Some agents of the so-called far-right, known for their shady role, are also involved in this effort; those who, while hating GOLDEN DAWN, pretend to be…its friends! This war did not start today. It has been going on since 2012 and has escalated during the past few months, but nearly 300,000 Greeks managed to endure and they honored GOLDEN DAWN.

“Those who fight us did not appear just yesterday”

As for those who fight us, they did not appear just yesterday, and they have their reasons as they admit. An example: Newspaper “To Vima” - 14/12/2012: Antonis Karakousis: ”Those who do not have blindfolds and are not afraid of the truth can easily see that Golden Dawn is at the moment the biggest problem of the Hellenic Republic”.

In the same newspaper, the same columnist wrote three days ago: TO VIMA, Sunday, June 9, 2019, Antonis Karakousis: “The most interesting result of the European election battle was the brutal failure of the Golden Dawn of Mr. Michaloliakos, which fell below 5% , while its leadership expected a two-digit rate. The weaknesses of the Nazi group and the lack of mobilization of its extreme members were obvious for a long time. Some attributed its retreat to the unveiling of its dark face after the assassination of Pavlos Fyssas. Others attributed it to the financial scandals revealed by the expelled MEPs, and some to the fact that the party’s financiers and supporters have withdrawn”.

His article is unfair, inappropriate, and certainly libelous. What the leadership of GOLDEN DAWN expected, was not in the knowledge of Mr. Karakousis, who writes everything according to his belief that GOLDEN DAWN is the biggest problem of the Hellenic Republic.

“We are Nationalists and NOT Nazis”

First of all, he does not respect our statement, and our self-determination, that WE ARE NATIONALISTS AND NOT NAZIS, and he continues to serve the slander campaign of the whole system. As for the “dark face” of GOLDEN DAWN, he ought to respect the trial that is in progress and the presumption of innocence of those who are being tried. On the other hand his argument is invalid, since the infamous “unveiling of the dark face” of GOLDEN DAWN, took place in September 2013.

Maybe the people that didn’t vote for us just remembered not to do so; or maybe because of a narrow and vulgar personal interest some are seeking to share a piece of power with New Democracy, which is supported by the newspaper “VIMA”.

“Financial scandals” and ...Financiers!

In addition, what Mr. Karakousis writes about “ECONOMIC SCANDALS” and financiers is also wrong! GOLDEN DAWN has been audited by parliamentary committees, by IRS, and by independent chartered accountants, and has been proven to be spotless concerning the economic issues, but Karakousis adopts as an objective fact that there are financial scandals and hence has full responsibility of his writings.

He also writes that our financiers have withdrawn! Could he tell us who they are since we know nothing about their existence? Let us inform him that GOLDEN DAWN never had any financiers, and we challenge anyone who may have the slightest proof of the opposite to come out and present it.

Next in his article, Mr. Karakousis writes that GOLDEN DAWN will fail in the national elections and that it has no future. Instead of an answer, we present an extract from an article by a colleague of his in the newspaper “Ethnos”:

“Ethnos 6/6/2019 - «Patiently» by Evangelos Hekimoglou: “Some commentators rejoiced in vain about Nazism allegedly having suffered a defeat. Because if 13% of the young people voted for a party that received about 4% of the total votes, it follows that the party's power comes mainly from youth. Therefore, in a few years it will be much stronger than today”.

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s League – Golden Dawn