With Golden Dawn we can take our Fatherland Back-Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Wednesday, 15 May 2019 - 10:58

With Golden Dawn we can take our Fatherland Back-Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Excerpts from the speech of the Secretary General of Golden Dawn at the political event in Kalamata

“At first, I feel glad being here among you all and I shall start with the following: Few moments before this event, a gentleman approached and told me that his neighbor wanted to come to this event as well but he was afraid to do so. Well, this is a fact. There is a terror atmosphere throughout Greece. However all of you here, you just sent them a proper message: there are brave Greeks out there. 

There is no coincidence that the electoral campaign of Golden Dawn starts from Kalamata. This is the first liberated city from the Turkish dynasty. Equally, we start in this place a liberating battle, to free Greece from the traitors and the cowards. Besides, we could do nothing without you. And I really feel proud for the people in here since many of them put their name on our ballot papers, vowing: “here I am, fight me cowards, fight me corrupted politicians! I dare to stand with Golden Dawn”. 

Previously Comrade Konstantinou made a speech and I have to say that we founded together Golden Dawn, the great deed of Golden Dawn that has managed to unite all the political parties towards the very same goal: to destroy Golden Dawn. So we have to battle politically contrary to a double threat: from the one side the utter hatred and the exclusion and from the other side the passivity.  And that’s because our people have come to the point of abandoning themselves and the world around them since there is nothing they can do. No! With Golden Dawn we can do everything! We can take our Homeland back!”

Our youth is the “key” to a major political change

“All of you who dare in difficult and obscure times to raise your face, well I am proud of all of you! And I have good news for you: The new voters. The new voters who will vote towards the extremes. More specifically: “The 17 years old who will vote for the first time will reach the 106.760 and together with the  21 and 18 years old who will also vote for the first time we count 528.996 new voters”. 

More than 500.000 young men and women will vote for the first time and they do not know what they will vote. In fact, in an opinion poll published at the newspaper “TA NEA” there were specific qualitative date according to which to the voters of age 17-34 Golden Dawn comes second in popularity with a rate of 15,9 %, while SYRIZA gains 15,4%, KKE only 4,4% and ND 21%.

Really, what SYRIZA (the continuation of PASOK) and ND have to say to young Greeks? They are afraid of something specific: it is called Golden Dawn, it is called Nationalism! There are so many new Nationalists not only in Greece but in the entire Europe! 

The calumniations of New Democracy against Golden Dawn

“In a recent interview Kyriakos Mitsotakis stated the following: “I remind you that SYRIZA attempted to change the electoral law with the support of Golden Dawn”.  He referred to the debate regarding the electoral law at July of 2016. Well, this person relies on the fact that a common person cannot remember what happened at July of 2016. 

For the record, the newspapers wrote the following “Golden Dawn abandoned the debate for the electoral law along with the Leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos, who stated that his part does not take part in negotiations and is nobody’s subordinate. Nikos Michaloliakos denounced both SYRIZA and ND of following the same antinational policy. He also talked about a series of calumniations and lies against Golden Dawn about allegedly having an agreement with SYRIZA for a better trial”. 

This is the dirty game of ND and I talk about three years ago. And now the conspirators of this trials have the audacity to claim that “SYRIZA delays the trial of Golden Dawn”. What did they say there years ago? We had negotiations with SYRIZA about our trial. Did tour trial ended? Of course not.

In fact I was very specific about it: “Ten day of calumniations, lies, and negotiations with which Golden Dawn has nothing to do”. ND and SYRIZA follow the same policy. If Golden Dawn had voted for the electoral law you would say that we support SYRIZA. I we had voted against it you would say that we support ND. Golden Dawn is nobody’s subordinate. Between ND and SYRIZA we choose none of them, because both of them follow the same antinational policy”. 

Golden Dawn united and stronger than ever

Every time we have elections, we see the media talking about the destruction of Golden Dawn. How many times have we heard these rumors since 2012? Well, among all those speculators there is also the “charming” Mr. Kairidis who commented on a TV channel that there is “grouchiness in Golden Dawn”. 

I think that this grouchiness will be more than visible in New Democracy following the day of the European elections, since there are many expectations and different cliques inside this political party. They should realize it at last. Golden Dawn is not falling apart and is not on crisis. They can feel secure, Golden Dawn is united and stronger than ever”. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary of People’s League-Golden Dawn